Collection: Halal-Zabiha Meat & Poultry

100% Halal-Zabiha beef, lamb, goat, chicken and speciality meats are sourced both globally and from our local Halal store partners in Aurora, Colorado. Send us an inquiry to find out more about our list of partner stores.

1. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL DELIVERIES in Aurora, Colorado and surrounding locations within a 80 Mile Radius 

2. Meat size and look may vary based on animal density  i.e some lambs/goats may have larger frames and bone structure 

3. We strive to deliver the exact weight ordered. Due to the cut of meat, we might exceed or come short of the ordered weight by a small fraction e.g customer ordered 2 lbs and we packed 2.13 lbs or we could only get 1.97 lbs

4. Fresh Meat Inventory is replenished as shown below. Best to order a day or two ahead:

- Chicken/Lamb/Goat -  Tuesdays

Beef - Fridays

- Frozen speciality halal meat (Camel, Duck and Quail) - available